Slirp FAQ

Hey!!! What happened to Danny Gasparovski?

Good question! Frankly put, we don't know. All we know is that someone got Cliff at Slashdot to ask about who's the latest maintainer. Since I (Kelly) used it often for connecting my PalmPilot to the 'net, I stepped up to the field.

Now, there were three versions back then: The origional 1.0c, a patched 1.0c-KK (by Karl Krueger and Philip C. Tsao), and an additionally patched 1.0g (from Dan Kaminski). 1.0g was patched a bit more and became 1.0.8 (along with the numbering change), and I started accepting patches.

I got a bug in version 1.0g...

Upgrade. If you have a problem compiling the latest versions (and they're numbered like Linux kernels now), then I would like to see them!

I got a bug in the latest version. HELP!!!

If you've read the documentation, and see no end in sight on why it konks out on you, try sending me: